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A water pressure check can be a good investment-

Did you know excessive water pressure on you home’s plumbing can cause a pipe or fixture to fail inside your home? Obviously these types of failures can cause huge amounts of damage and can simply be avoided. A simple check of the water pressure coming into your home can identify a future problem. In the […]


Over watering can cause more problems than you think!!!

Have you ever considered that overwatering landscape can not only waste water but cost you in the long run?  It is a very common finding to discover water damage  to retaining walls (and even the foundation of the home) from excessive water that works its way into the composition of the wall. Over time this […]


Water Heater Inlet Corrosion

Sometimes issues that can plague a home can not be seen until you look for them. This was the case on this water heater inlet piping. Sitting high on the floor, the corrosion was not readily visible from the garage floor. Taking the time to look carefully at the entire water heater identified this potential […]


Home Inspection Terms of Service

Make sure you understand terms of service before paying a home … Washington Post–Jul 17, 2017 I was buying a house and hired a home inspector. We went through the whole inspection, and I even paid him his fee. Then he gave me a form …