Did you know excessive water pressure on you home’s plumbing can cause a pipe or fixture to fail inside your home?

Obviously these types of failures can cause huge amounts of damage and can simply be avoided. A simple check of the water pressure coming into your home can identify a future problem. In the Lake Havasu City area, it is very common for water pressure regulators to go bad and allow water pressure to creep up inside our homes. After increased water pressure is identified, replacing the water pressure regulator can be done for under $200 in most cases.

Checking the water pressure in the home is something that will happen in every home inspection completed by Bayview Inspection Services.

Water Pressure Check Lake Havasu City

Bayview home inspections will always include a water pressure check at the residence.

Bayview Inspection Services would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2018!!!!

I look forward to bringing homes and their owners together in 2018